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Cory Benhatzel has created a majestic world where supernatural beasts are impervious to the cruelty of humanity and are guardians of the occult; holders of great secret knowledge.

This occult animal kingdom is the realm of ghostly creatures that she's dreamt of since childhood and is inspired by magic, witchcraft and nature itself.  


In each painting Cory employs the Victorian-era form of secret communication called Floriography (The Language of Flowers) where every flower, plant and herb has a specific meaning.  She also employs occult symbolism, specifically that of witchcraft and Satanism, and additionally Norse Paganism.


Born in Amherst, New York, Cory Louise Benhatzel always aspired to be a lifelong artist.  Her desire led her to Los Angeles where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design, and from there began exhibiting her work in galleries worldwide.  In addition to her core practices of painting and drawing, she has also over the years tried her hand at tattooing, jewelry making, gallery management, screen printing and live band photography.  More recently she created "Häxa" (Swedish for "Witch"); a line of wearable art, including apparel and pins.  


Cory currently resides in her hometown with her husband, Justin, and ten rescues.  She identifies as a Satanisk Häxa, is vegan and enjoys the forest, cemeteries, horror movies, metal and red wine.

Cory at the WOLF DREAM exhibition, Salem Art Gallery, 2022 with her painting, "Hjälten (The Hero)"
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